Top Seven Features To Look For When Hiring A Cleaning Company

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Maintaining a clean and safe environment is vital for health and productivity. Especially during these times of COVID-19, it is even more crucial to maintain a high standard of hygiene to protect your employees and loved ones. To avoid taking any chances with your health, it is best to hire a professional cleaning company to maintain your property’s cleanliness. However, with several cleaners out there, choosing the most trusted name in the industry can be daunting. If you want to narrow down your options, here’s a list of the top seven features to look for when hiring a cleaning company.

1. Day to day communication 
A simple misunderstanding not dealt with properly can fester and create resentment. If customers keep complaints to themselves, misunderstandings may never get resolved. This can lead to unhappy relationships with service providers. To prevent misunderstandings, professional cleaning companies offer some sort of day to day communication media. Finding out the communication plan of a prospective company will help avoid changes in the future. 

Onsite communication books help customers and managers to effectively communicate requests to the cleaners and supervisors. Additionally, it helps the cleaners to leave updates or responses to the requests clients make. Being able to get in touch with the cleaning company is also important. A company with dedicated supervisors to take calls throughout the day or a messaging or email system in place for their customers to communicate with them will ensure excellent service over the years.

2. Cross-contamination system
A trusted cleaning company should have a cross-contamination system in place when cleaning surfaces and mopping floors. Cross-contamination systems are a must, especially in these times as COVID-19 is very contagious. The cleaner should use specific mops and cloth colors when cleaning restrooms and other colors when cleaning office spaces and lunchrooms. They cannot and should not clean washrooms and offices with the same cloth as the dirt and pathogens from restrooms can go into the office desks or other other surfaces. As a result, an effectively enforced cross-contamination system is a huge must-have when choosing a cleaning company.

3. Disinfection services
Reliable cleaning companies should be willing to show their potential customers the chemicals they use. By doing this, their clients will see that they have an arsenal of genuine disinfectants and cleaners before getting into a contract with them. They must also provide a current Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the cleaning chemicals they use. 

Besides this, they should offer a more in-depth disinfection system like our UNSEEN-GUARD electrostatic system with a hospital-grade disinfectant. This equipment is used not only for getting rid of COVID-19 but for the overall disinfection of offices or homes. With COVID-19 still a pandemic, companies may have some staff infected with the virus. A trusted cleaning company should be ready to decontaminate the place in such circumstances with extra disinfection services.

4. Regular quality assurance inspections
Without strict adherence to rigorous high-quality standards, a customer cannot truly trust a cleaning service, and without trust, there is no success. For this reason, it is essential for cleaners to have regular quality assurance inspections. Quality assurance inspections ensure that the chosen cleaning company is dedicated to improving its standard of work and services. At OneCallOnly Inc., we know that there is nothing more important in our line of work than quality. As a trusted cleaning company, we assign an account manager to the cleaning site and offer at least monthly inspections.

5. Thorough insurance coverage
It is important to choose a company that is covered by liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Despite everyone’s best efforts, accidents are unpredictable. Therefore, it is crucial to check that a cleaning company has the necessary insurance cover and is bonded. If they do not, the client will have to replace the items that were broken or pay compensation for an accident that occurred on their property. A trusted cleaning company should definitely be able to produce liability insurance of at least two million dollars and a workers compensation account as well.

6. Floorcare programs
Floors are a big part of any facility’s or a home’s cleaning perception as it is the first thing someone sees when entering an establishment. Commercial setups that have dirty floors can convey the impression that their cleanliness standards are lacking. A reputable cleaning company should be ready to offer additional services like carpet cleaning, floor polishing, floor restoration, and waxing. They should even be able to follow a proper floor maintenance program to help protect different types of flooring. 

7. Multi-service provider
It’s always great to have a service provider that can offer multiple services. For example, the same company that cleans the office may also do floor maintenance, paint the walls, or provide renovation services. This can reduce administration costs and save time as there is no need to deal with several companies to find the perfect one for the job. For the purpose of this convenience, it is important to hire a cleaning company that offers a variety of other quality services.

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